Skibidi Sling

About Skibidi Sling

Embark on a thrilling and fun journey with Skibidi Toilet and his friends in Skibidi Sling. It's a game of navigating through obstacles, avoiding deadly traps, and coming out on top as you race against rising lava.

How to play Skibidi Sling 

  • Hang and bounce: Your mission is simple but challenging, try to swing and jump to the top of the tomb tower. The higher you go, the more intense the adventure becomes.
  • Race against lava: Try to overcome challenges and quickly escape the rising lava. Quick reflexes and long-range strategy will help you get closer to victory.
  • Collect coins: As you go up, collect the coins scattered along the tower. These coins act as your keys to unlock new and amazing characters, adding excitement to the game.
  • Collect Diamonds: Discover diamonds on your journey, adding to your treasure. The more diamonds you collect, the greater your achievement in the game.
  • Power Ups: Harness strategically placed power-ups to aid you in your ascent. Use these powers wisely to overcome obstacles, avoid traps, and enhance your bouncing ability.
  • Unlock awesome characters: Skibidi Sling offers a diverse and special series of characters to unlock. Use the money you earn to add new and exciting characters to your squad.
  • Unique Abilities: Each character brings unique abilities to the game. Experiment with different characters to find the one that best suits your style and best entertains you.

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