Hill of steel

About Hill of steel

Prepare to be amazed as Hill of Steel takes you from the battlefield to the moon in the future. The fights in this game are very exciting, and you can change the look of your tank and destroy steel enemies.

How to play Hill of Steel

As a tank commander, you will have the power to customize your war machine to suit your play style. You can pick from different tanks, each with its own skills and features. You can't just use force; you also need to plan ahead and make changes to get closer to winning.

You will confront opponents who dare to stand in your way, crush your enemies, and overcome every obstacle that dares to challenge you.

You can use the valuable loot you've been awarded for defeating enemies to upgrade your tank.

Choose the best equipment for your tank and create an even more formidable force on the battlefield. Your customization options are extensive, allowing you to create your ultimate war machine.

Why Hill of Steel is a must-play?

  • Various challenges: The game's journey will take you through many different battlefields, each with its own diverse challenges.
  • Customization: Adjust special tanks and weapons to your playing style.
  • Epic clashes and upgrade rewards: Destroy your enemies and overcome all obstacles. Loot allows you to upgrade your tank and equip it with special weapons.

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