Skibidi Toilet

About Skibidi Toilet

Skibidi Toilet is a hilarious game where you have to play with a weird character named Skibidi Toilet. It is a creature with the body of a toilet bowl and a popping human head. Its appearance causes curiosity in many people and is also the highlight of the game. 

Your task in the game is to play as Skibidi Toilet and collect toilet paper for power-ups while trying to beat other toilets in a funny battle. You need to eliminate all opponents from the arena to be able to assert your supremacy. However, other toilet-heads are always waiting for a chance to attack you, making performing your mission more difficult than ever.

Will you win this game and become the biggest Skibidi Toilet in the world?

How to Play Skibidi Toilet

Before joining the battle, you ought to know how to play. Go through the following simple steps to play Skibidi Toilet:

  1. Access our website to play Skibidi Toilet online for free. 
  2. Move your Skibidi Toilet by using the WASD keys or dragging the mouse.
  3. Beat other toilet heads by touching them with your Skibidi Toilet. 
  4. Try to push your opponents out of the arena.
  5. Avoid bigger Skibidi Toilets that can beat you. It is better to wait until you are bigger than them before attacking.
  6. Avoid obstacles and collect more toilet paper. This gives you more points.
  7. Grow your Skibidi Toilet by beating more opponents. The more you beat, the bigger you are. Your score on the leaderboard is also higher due to that.

If one of your opponents pushes you out of the arena, you will lose. There's also a chance you'll carelessly let yourself fall out of there. Anything can happen, so be careful.

Tips and Tricks 

Do you know how to become the strongest in the Skibidi Toilet? Below are a few useful tips for you to conquer the game more easily.

Observe your opponents.

Your move in the game is very important. If you are careless, you can be kicked out of the arena at any time. Therefore, it is necessary to observe the positions of every opponent. This helps you recognize which opponents you should attack first and how you should move.

Use the boost button.

This button helps players speed up in some cases. You can use the boost button in the bottom right corner of the screen to defeat more opponents as well as escape from bigger Skibidi Toilets faster. However, you should be careful because if you do not control it well, you may cause yourself to fall out of the arena.

Change your skin.

Did you know that your Skibidi can change its appearance? The game allows you to customize the character according to your wishes. You have many options to make Skibidi look more interesting, so don't ignore this feature. In addition, you can also make your game more fun and entertaining by using the sound button in the left corner of the screen. The game has fun sounds that make you excited.

Enjoy it!

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