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About Only Up!

Welcome to the game Only Up! This is a fascinating climbing and jumping game; you need to continuously climb up random objects to reach higher places and explore the high world.

How do I play Only Up?

The player's task is to control a boy named Jack. Help your baby fly into the sky by jumping over different objects. Don't forget to take in the scenery on the road that you pass. You can fall down when you try to jump higher, but be careful not to fall outside the map, because if you fall there, the game will be over.

To get started, press the game button and install. You will become Jack; stand in front of a potential area and start your own journey. You can use arrows or WASD to control Jack to move; use the spacebar to jump. Hover to change distance and visibility.


  • Notice the time: Only up is the game with no score. So players need to check if they can reach the top spot in one play. Therefore, players need to have enough free time to be able to play at their own pace.
  • Don't forget to relax: The world in Only Up is built in 3D and is extremely realistic and beautiful, like a dream with many objects, so don't forget to relax in that wonderful space.
  • Never give up: Don't give up, but take a short break to regain focus and start from the beginning. Move forward so you can explore lands you've never been to.
    Coordination ability: To be able to accurately reach the land, players need to spend a lot of time practicing eye coordination to have the ability to react and jump accurately.

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