Skibidi Toilets: Infection

About Skibidi Toilets: Infection

Get ready for a fun and exciting meme game trip with Skibidi Toilets: Infection. You play as a mystery Cameraman Agent in this game, and your job is to get rid of the scary Skibidi Toilet monsters.

How to play Skibidi Toilets: Infection

When you play Skibidi Toilets: Infection, you'll be in a strange world full of monsters. You are a secret Camera Agent whose job it is to destroy the scary Skibidi Toilet monsters. Get rid of all the bad Skibidi Toilets and use the anti-parasite gun to protect your cameramen from getting parasites. With a gun that removes parasites, you need to move quickly and decisively to keep the world from ending.

Working together is important

In this tough game, you're not the only hero; a group of spies is with you. You need to work together and cooperate to stay alive. Ask your fellow spies for help, but make sure they aren't infected first. Your cooperation and teamwork are very important to your success.

Strong action

Skibidi Toilets: Infection promises nonstop excitement and moments that will make your heart race. When you're up against the Skibidi Toilet monsters, each choice you make is important. You can only win this exciting fight for survival if you have quick reflexes, accurate shooting, and smart strategy.

Cure and wash

Shooting Skibidi Toilet monsters to defeat them and cure your friends of parasites is what the game is all about. These changing parts of the game make sure that every moment is tense and exciting.

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