Skibidi Toilet IO (Dop Dop Yes Yes)

About Skibidi Toilet IO (Dop Dop Yes Yes)

Welcome to Skibidi Toilet IO (Dop Dop Yes Yes), a one-of-a-kind, strange and funny game where you fight as a character in the Skibidi toilet!

Skibidi Toilet IO is a game that you have to fight other Skibidi Toilets in a messy battle and collect toilet paper rolls to get stronger and compete to be the best.

How to play Skibidi Toilet IO (Dop Dop Yes Yes):

You will choose the interesting Skibidi toilet interface. To prove who's on top and claim the precious toilet throne, your goal is to push other toilet leaders out of the crowded arena and collect toilet paper.


  • Power Up: To make your character stronger, collect toilet paper rolls spread across the yard. The more toilet paper you collect, the bigger and scarier your toilet head becomes
  • Battle Royale: Skibidi Toilet IO is a difficult game like Battle Royale.
  •  Accessible gameplay: Skibidi Toilet IO is so easy to play that people of all ages can enjoy it.
  • Fun competition with 2-player mode: Two-player mode allows you to experience with your friends or your family, keeping players excited and ready for more crazy action.
  • Endless fun: Skibidi Toilet IO has lots of characters, power-ups, and areas in the Skibidi toilet that change constantly so you can play again and again.

Don't hesitate, join the battle with Skibidi Toilet today!!!

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