Cars vs Skibidi Toilet

About Cars vs Skibidi Toilet

Cars vs Skibidi Toilet is a hilarious game that combines racing and shooting. The game features a viral character called Skibidi Toilet. Skibidi Toilet has a rather strange appearance, with a human head popping out of a toilet. It appears in the game as your main enemy.

In Cars vs Skibidi Toilet, you have a mission of destroying the Skibidi Toilets. These toilet-like monsters want to conquer the Earth. You have to prevent their invasion by driving a car and attacking them back. Players are equipped with the necessary items and vehicles during combat to have a stronger force against the toilet waves. 

Will your force be strong enough to prevent the evil plots of Skibidi Toilets and save your residents from this threat?  

How to Play Cars vs Skibidi Toilet?

Do you know how to play Cars vs Skibidi Toilet? You need to learn how to control your car to destroy Skibidi Toilets as quickly as possible. Follow the instructions below. 

  • Use WASD or the arrow keys to move. 
  • Attack the Skibidi Toilets by clicking on them or touching them with your car. 
  • Speed up your car with the boost button. 
  • Control your car to avoid obstacles on the way. 
  • Avoid facing directly with bigger Skibidi Toilets that can eat you. 
  • Try to collect coins. They can be used to buy some items for upgrades, such as new cars and skins.  
  • Try to earn stars. They can be used to unlock new levels and modes.

If encountered, Skibidi Toilets will attack until your health bar is depleted. The game will end if you are destroyed by them.


Q: Who are the Skibidi Toilets, and what do they do in the game?

A: Skibidi Toilets are monsters with human heads and the body of a toilet. They act as invaders on your planet for evil purposes. They will attack anything they encounter on the way. Your mission is to destroy all of them to regain a peaceful world.

Q: Can I upgrade my car?

A: You can upgrade your vehicle and attacking-support items as you progress in the game. Collecting coins and stars can help you do that, so don't ignore them.

Q: Do I need to pay to play the game?

A: There is no cost required to play the game Cars vs Skibidi Toilet on our website. If your Internet connection works properly, you can play the game whenever you want without paying money.

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