Skibidi Toilet: Attack & Defense

About Skibidi Toilet: Attack & Defense

Skibidi Toilet: Attack & Defense is a funny clicker game where you have to take on the responsibility of protecting the world from the invasion of Skibidi Toilets. 

Toilets with weird human heads are going to attack your world. Your mission is to destroy all of them before they approach you. Click on them repeatedly until they disappear and turn into coins. The more Skibidi Toilets you beat, the more coins you get.  

The game has a lot of levels for you to deal with. With each level completed, you are taken to a new and more difficult level where the Skibidi Toilets are harder to defeat.

How to Play Skibidi Toilet: Attack & Defense

Below are the steps needed to play Skibidi Toilet: Attack & Defense. Let’s check it out! 

  • Click on the Skibidi Toilets to attack them and prevent them from reaching your territory. 
  • Exchange coins for upgrade items (optional). 
  • Use one of your power-up items to activate a special attack (optional). This attack can help you destroy multiple Skibidi Toilets at once.
  • Complete one level to be taken to the next. You will face harder Skibidi Toilets and harder challenges in the next levels. 

Two game modes: 

Campaign mode: Follow the campaign and unlock new levels, gain power-ups, and upgrade items.  

Survival mode: Face bigger waves of Skibidi Toilets, who are harder to destroy, and see how long you can survive.


Do you have any questions about the game? Read on the following for answers. 

Is Skibidi Toilet: Attack & Defense free to play?

Skibidi Toilet: Attack & Defense is completely free to play. You just need to visit our website and ensure a stable Internet connection, and you can play Skibidi Toilet: Attack & Defense at any time. 

Q: Where do Skibidi Toilets come from?

A: In the game Skibidi Toilet: Attack & Defense,  Skibidi Toilet is a monster with the body of a toilet bowl and a human head. They come from another planet which is ruled by the Skibidi Boss. Their conspiracy is to turn the Earth into a giant toilet. 

Q: Is the game based on a meme?

A: Yes, the main character of the game, also known as Skibidi Toilet, is inspired by a meme on social media. That is a creature with a weird body that combines the toilet bowl and the human head. They are funny, but sometimes quite scary. 

Hope you have entertaining hours with the game Skibidi Toilet: Attack & Defense. Discover our new game: Skibidi Toilet Shooter!

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