Skibidi Attack

About Skibidi Attack

Are you ready for a wacky shooting journey with a bit of humor? You can play Skibidi Attack, a game where you can shoot at the skibidi toilet and try to get a high score.

How to play Skibidi Attack Game

The only way to play Skibidi Attack is to get the best score possible. The Skibidi toilets are moving toward you, and your goal is to shoot them down before they get too close. You will get points for each hit, and as the game goes on, there will be more and more skibidi toilets to avoid, making it always challenging. You are responsible for fending them off by tapping or clicking to shoot them down.

Quick reactions and accuracy

How well you do in Skibidi Attack relies on how fast and accurate you are. To get rid of the Skibidi toilets before they get to you, you will need to act quickly and correctly. As the game goes faster, you'll be sucked into the action and have to take your shot skills to the limit.

Crazy and fun

The unique and silly theme of Skibidi Attack is what makes it stand out. The funny parts and cute graphics make the game not only hard but also a lot of fun. It will make you smile to see Skibidi toilets coming at you, even though you need to shoot them down to protect your area.

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