Skibidi Jump

About Skibidi Jump

Skibidi Jump is a weird adventure game where you have to tap or click to jump from bright pools and pick up little droppings.

But watch out for traps that could hurt you, like sticky cups that can knock you down.

How to play Skibidi Jump Game

Skibidi Jump's main goal is to collect the small droppings that are spread out in the game. You can find these strange collectibles in the different tubs you'll jump into. Each item you find brings you one step closer to finishing the level. This objective's strangeness makes it more fun and different from other ones in the game.

Unlock the bathroom door

As soon as you collect all the poop in a level, a toilet door will appear out of nowhere. You can get to the next exciting level through this door. As you go through the game, the tasks get harder, which keeps things interesting.

Be careful of traps

The game sounds simple but no less interesting when there are a series of traps arranged differently depending on the level. Touching one of these traps can send you back to the beginning, adding to the difficulty of the game.

Skibidi Jump has a variety of levels, each with a unique layout and design. As you progress, you will encounter increasingly difficult obstacles, requiring you to hone your jumping skills.

Even though the game sounds easy, it's still fun because the traps are set up in different ways for each level. You can go back to the beginning if you touch one of these traps, which makes the game harder.

Skibidi Jump has many levels, and each one looks and is laid out differently. You will need to improve your jumping skills as you move forward because the hurdles will get harder.

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