Head Derby, Toilet Crash Test

About Head Derby, Toilet Crash Test

Are you ready to embark on an energetic adventure with the exciting character Skibidi Toilet? Head Derby, Toilet Crash Test will test your racing abilities on challenging tracks and lots of obstacles to overcome.

How to play Head Derby, Toilet Crash Test

There are two types of races you can choose from when you first start the game: Derby and Toilet Supercross. In Derby, there are races on urban terrain and in stadiums. In Toilet Supercross, there are races with Skibidi characters.

Use the arrow keys or on-screen controls to accelerate, steer, and navigate your toilet racer through the track. Press the accelerator pedal to the maximum to increase speed and overtake opponents.

Watch out for the sneaky obstacles and traps that are spread out along the track. Be careful not to crash into other cars and stay ahead in the race.

Why must you play Head Derby, Toilet Crash Test?

  • Exciting racing action: Experience the thrill of high-speed racing on toilet racers in action-packed competitions.
  • Challenging Tracks: Test your racing skills on challenging tracks with many jumps, obstacles and traps.
    Customization Options: Personalize your toilet racer with the many customization options available in the garage.
  • Race with friends: Hold exciting races with your friends to see who can become the toilet's most powerful lord.

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