Agent Walker Vs. Skibidi Toilets

About Agent Walker Vs. Skibidi Toilets

Agent Walker vs. Skibidi Toilet is a first-person shooting game where you take on the role of Agent Walker and fight Skibidi Toilet.

About Agent Walker Vs. Skibidi Toilet

In this action game, Agent Walker Vs. Skibidi Toilet, the player controls an agent who is being chased by Skibidi. You must move quickly to escape and find opportunities to destroy them.

Your mission in Agent Walker Vs. Skibidi Toilet

You will own four mechanical arms with guns. Choose your weapon and get ready to fight, whether it's a machine gun, shotgun or grenade launcher. Use the keyboard to move, run away from Skibidi's siege and use the mouse to shoot and attack them.

Test your reflexes and shoot accurately:

Your life depends on how well you can move around. Skibidi toilets always move unexpectedly. so you have to carefully time your shots and have lightning-fast reactions to beat them. Every kill you make brings you one step closer to winning.


Agent Walker vs. Skibidi Toilets is a fun game that combines humor and action in a way that will keep you laughing and entertained the whole time.

It shows how the gaming world has a lot of creativity and obstacles that come out of the blue.

Get ready to win the challenge right now!!!

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Controls Guide

Mouse: look around

WASD key: move

Spacebar: jump

Shift: run

Left mouse button: shoot

Right mouse button (hold): aim

R: reload bullet

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