Save Skibidi Toilet

About Save Skibidi Toilet

Are you ready for a fun and exciting adventure? Save Skibidi Toilet will take you to a dream world where toilets are the stars of the show! Skibidi Toilet, who has been a very hot character lately, is in danger, and you need to go on a journey to save him and his toilet friends from impending disaster. 

How to play Save Skibidi Toilet

The main part of the task is inside a very tall and dangerous building. Skibidi Toilet has been trapped at the top by a mysterious evil force and your mission is to overcome the tower's challenges and save him. Your main task is to cut the ropes tying the Skibidi toilet. Each cut will bring you one step closer to rescuing him.


  • Overcome challenges and obstacles: The road to the top of the tower is not simple. You will face a lot of different problems and tasks that you will need to solve with intelligence and accuracy. There are both hard and fun parts to the journey, from tricky puzzles to funny shocks.
  • Save all toilets: It's not just the Skibidi Toilets that are in danger - the fate of all toilets on the mainland is at stake. Your successful rescue operation ensures the safety of these quirky and energetic toilet friends.
  • Engaging puzzles and challenges: Each level presents players with engaging puzzles and challenges, requiring a combination of strategy and precision.

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