Skibidi Laser Kill

About Skibidi Laser Kill

In the game Skibidi Laser Kill, you have to fight the strange tall stack of boxes in the room with laser beams fired straight from your eyes.

How to play Skibidi Laser Kill: 

Skibidi Laser Kill puts you in the role of a hero with a laser gun who has to defend himself against waves of enemies that never stop coming. You'll face off with an oddly tall stack of boxes for a short time. Vandals have secretly connected circular saws to some of the boxes. You need to be quick on your feet and hit well in this game because it tests more than just your fighting skills.

If you want to fire into the box, press the left mouse button. If you see any hurdles, drag the character to move left or right.

How to win Skibidi Laser Kill

- You have to be quick to avoid hits and aim your laser correctly.

- Figure out how the enemy attacks: Figuring out how different enemies attack will help you guess what they'll do and prepare for it.

– Power Up: Get power ups. They can give you short-term benefits like more damage or shields, but there are only so many of them. The key to winning is getting good at using lasers, and the game gives you many power-ups and upgrades to help you do that.


  • Laser Weapons: Your character has powerful laser weapons that are the best way to stay alive. 
  • Fast-paced game: Skibidi Laser Kill is an action game that moves quickly. You are constantly being attacked by waves of enemies, and you have to think and act very quickly to avoid bullets and fire projectiles.

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