Skibidi Toilet Roll

About Skibidi Toilet Roll

Control a skibidi toilet, get past challenges and dangers, and start a quest through three different worlds to find all the lost sweets.

Your mission is to help Skibidi toilet pass through different worlds and collect all the lost candy.

How to play Skibidi Toilet Roll

A simple game where you press the left key to move left and the right key to move right.

Worlds of magic:

Skibidi Toilet Roll isn't just a game; it's a trip through three beautiful, separate worlds. There are obstacles, surprises, and fun things to discover in every world. Explore these unique areas, from candy-covered forests to sugary deserts, and find out what secrets lie inside.

Simple but challenging

On the way to candy paradise, there are many challenges and risks, which makes the trip even more exciting. To stay safe, jump over obstacles, and get through dangerous terrain, you'll need to learn how to spin like Skibidi and have quick reactions.

Sweet collection:

With each candy you find, you get closer to finishing the task and getting access to new challenges. The fun and addicting parts of the game are what keep you coming back for more.

Compete and conquer:

Challenge your friends and see who can finish each world with the most sweets and the highest score among your friends and other players. 

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