Tag 2

About Tag 2

Get ready for an exciting game of tag like you've never played it before! Tag 2 is the best improvement on the classic outdoor game. It will keep you on your toes and your heart beating.

How to play Tag 2

Adding Card 2 to the game of tag gives it a fun new twist. The rules are easy to understand: the game is over when the timer runs out and you have the bomb. Jumping through gates, using bouncy pads, and running very fast to avoid players chasing "it" makes the pressure rise.

Zombie mode will test your skills.

Tag 2 has an emotional zombie mode for people who want an even bigger task. With this version, you can feel the stress. Can you get away from the persistent tagger and stay alive among the dead? Zombie mode is scary, but it's also a great way to see how good you are at games.

Tag 2 is full of different things.

Pass 2 is more exciting because you can unlock a lot of Runners and complete daily tasks. You'll always have something to look forward to and new goals to reach. This card-based story has a lot of different ways to play, so you'll always be interested and entertained.

Multiplayer chaos

When you play Tag 2 with friends, it's even more fun. It's fun to play by yourself, or you can get up to four friends together and make things even more crazy. It's more fun when you play with more people and plan how to beat each other at running.

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