Skibidi Toilets Burying Enemies

About Skibidi Toilets Burying Enemies

Get ready for an outstanding gaming experience with Skibidi Toilets Burying Enemies. Skibidi Toilets Burying Enemies is a one-of-a-kind game that puts our favorite Skibidi Toilets in an unexpected role - undertaker for their infamous enemies. In this eccentric adventure, the hygienists set up their own coffin manufacturing facility in a remote forest. As Skibidi relentlessly battles camera-wielding agents, they waste no time in ensuring their enemies are given a proper burial.

How to Play Skibidi Toilets Burying Enemies

Enter a jungle world where a white table and dugouts await your presence.

Your main task is to collect the necessary resources to create the coffin. Mine stone, gather wood, and collect flowers as you embark on this unusual quest.

There will be quests at the beginning of the game to understand what to collect and where to deliver.

Why you must play Skibidi Toilets Burying Enemies?

  • Fun Adventure: Join the fun of crafting coffins and burying enemies with camera heads. The game combines intelligence and whimsy, providing an entertaining and light-hearted experience.
  • Interesting resource management: Put your resource management skills to the test as you collect stones, wood and flowers to create a coffin. The game adds an element of strategy to the fun.
  • Expansion and optimization: Invest in new workers to optimize your burial operations. Seeing the quirks unfold as these characters take on missions allows you to enjoy the process even more.

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