Skibidi Toilet Escape

About Skibidi Toilet Escape

Welcome to the Skibidi Toilet Escape game! This is a world with fearsome Skibidi that can appear anywhere. Your task is to evade or destroy them using the suction cup. Absolutely do not let Skibidi near you, or else something terrible will happen and you will lose your heart. If there are no hearts left, you lose. 

To escape this place and win, you need to find the door that leads outside. Don't forget to collect weapons and hearts along the way.

How do I play Skibidi Toilet Escape?

  • Use the left/right/upper/down arrow keys or A/D/W/S to move.
  • Skibidi can be killed with your suction cup by using the LEFT MOUSE/SPACEBAR. It should be noted to choose the right object before smashing.


  • You should move slowly and skillfully so that you yourself have wide angles; this will make it easier for you to see from which direction Skibidi will appear.
  • Keep yourself ready and proactive to deal with dangerous and unexpected situations that may arise at any time.
  • Don't forget to collect tools and hearts along the way, because they can be the thing that saves your life in dangerous situations.
  • In a world full of Skidibi, remember to stay vigilant, protect yourself from danger, and find a way out. Good luck!

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