Skibidi Toilet Care

About Skibidi Toilet Care

Welcome to the quirky and exciting world of Skibidi Toilet Care, where your mission is not just to clean the toilet but also to care for Skibidi Toilet.

How to play Skibidi Toilet Care

Play as a caretaker and monitor Skibidi toilet's eating, sleeping and other activity rates.

Corresponding to each percentage is the level of satisfaction when the job is completed. Includes personal hygiene, feeding, playing and sleeping.

In addition, you can make money through games to buy food and change the appearance of your Skibidi Toilet.

Why should you play Skibidi Toilet Care?

Quirky and unique concept: Skibidi Toilet Care offers a special twist on the traditional concept of care games.

Fun interactive experience: Unlike standard cleaning games, Skibidi Toilet Care turns boring chores into interactive and entertaining activities. Enjoy the enjoyable routine of toilet care.

Unique, playful graphics: The game has lovely graphics that attract players of all ages. The charming design adds an element of playfulness to the overall experience.

Varied Activities: From feeding to bathing, playing mini-games to collecting hats, Skibidi Toilet Care offers a variety of activities to keep players entertained and engaged.

Mini-games for rewards: Take a break from caregiving and enjoy mini-games that not only entertain but also reward you with in-game currency for additional purchases.

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