Skibidi Toilet and a Hole

About Skibidi Toilet and a Hole

With the Skibidi Toilet and a Hole, you can jump into a whirlwind of fun and different games. In this fun game, players become a powerful black hole whose job it is to swallow up Skibidi's naughty toilets.


How to play Skibidi Toilet and a Hole

Your main goal is to destroy all the mischievous Skibidi toilets that appear in the play area. Strategically navigate the black hole to consume toilets and progress through different levels.

Control the gravity of the black hole and unleash its power to consume all of Skibidi's pesky toilets. Your mission is to destroy every toilet that comes across your path, leading to epic confrontations with formidable bosses.

Why must you play Skibidi Toilet and a Hole?

  • Boss battles for an added thrill: Engage in thrilling boss battles that escalate the challenge and excitement. Each boss encounter adds a layer of intensity to the gameplay, keeping you on the edge of your seat.
  • Amplify your power: The ability to increase duration and damage adds another layer of strategy to the game. Adjust the black hole's abilities to suit your play style and effectively deal with the Skibidi invasion.
  • Bold and diverse levels: Explore diverse levels filled with mischievous Skibidi toilets and overcome a whirlwind of challenges. The dynamic level of the game ensures the experience is always engaging and unpredictable.

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