Stunt Skibidi

About Stunt Skibidi

Are you ready for an exciting adventure where you have to move the Skibidi toilet through the air and collect stars to move on to the next level? The game Stunt Skibidi is exciting and tricky, and it will test your nerves.

How to play Stunt Skibidi 

In Stunt Skibidi, the player controls the Skibidi's movement with the mouse and tries to keep it from touching the ground. It is hard to change so that it can fly up or down. You will probably lose if the Skibidi bends down too far. It will probably fall to the ground. To change how Skibidi moves, all you have to do is click the mouse in front of or behind him. However, it can be tricky to change the speed just right so you can jump over the circles in front of you.

You can also press and hold the mouse button to rotate the Skibidi, but be careful—this can go wrong and make the Skibidi crash into the circle and fall.

Tips to win Stunt Skibidi game

  • Collect stars: The main goal of each level is to gather all the stars that are spread out in space. Every star you get will bring you one step closer to finishing the job.
  • Navigation Rings: As you test your Skibidi Toilet, you will come across rings that you need to get through without hitting anything. This needs a lot of control and accuracy.
  • Fuel Management: Taking care of your fuel bar is an important part of the game. Flying uses up fuel, so you'll need to plan how you collect fuel tanks so you don't run out at crucial times.

Stunt Skibidi is designed to challenge you, try it now.

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