Skibidi Toilet Puzzle Game

About Skibidi Toilet Puzzle Game

Get ready for a unique and difficult journey in Skibidi Toilet Puzzle Game, full of purple goo and levels that are cleverly made to be hard.

What's Skibidi Toilet Puzzle Game?

Skibidi Toilet Puzzle Game is a new way to play puzzle games. You need to get all of the purple Goo, but it's not going to be easy. The annoying creatures will need to be terminated as you roll, jump, dash, and climb your way through levels that are carefully designed to test your planning and problem-solving skills.

How to play the Skibidi Toilet Puzzle Game

  • Collect the Purple Goo: Getting all the purple Goo that is hidden in the levels is the main goal of the game. Be prepared for increasingly difficult puzzles and obstacles as you progress.
  • Squash the Goos: Purple Goo is not passive, they'll move around and make your job harder. You need to use your brains and the tools in the game to take out them.
  • Navigate the Levels: There are a lot of levels in the Skibidi Toilet Puzzle Game, and each one has its own set of puzzles, hurdles, and challenges.
  • Apply your abilities: For each level, the player has to collect Goo by rolling, climbing, bouncing, and flying. You will need to be able to think strategically and solve problems.
  • Overcome challenges: Each level has its own puzzles that become more complex, testing your skills and imagination.

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