Skibidi Online

About Skibidi Online

Skibidi Online is a shooting game with a lot of action. It has both Player vs. Player (PvP) and Co-Op modes, and each one is different and offers tasks and strategic ways to play.

How to play Skibidi Online

In PvP mode, you will fight other players in heated, fast-paced battles. On top of that, Skibidi Toilets also joined the fight. Get ready to do a lot of different tasks as you go after both your opponents and the Skibidi attackers.

In Co-Op mode puts a lot of emphasis on working together. You and your friends or other players will work together to stop the Skibidi Toilet's attack. If every player falls at the same time the game will end.


- Depth of Strategy: The co-op mode makes the game more challenging by requiring you to plan with your team, use resources wisely, and adjust to new problems.

- 10 different maps: There are different maps on Stunt Skibidi Online, and each one has its own obstacles and terrain.

- Arsenal: Get a variety of close-quarters and far-quarters guns, each with its own pros and cons.

- Character Skins: You can show off your own style with one of nine character skins. Change how you look to stand out in the fight.

So gather your friends, choose your character skin and embark on an epic adventure through the world of Stunt Skibidi Online now.

If you want to try control Skibidi fly through different world, try Stunt Skibidi game.

Controls Guide

  • Attack = Left-click
  • Move = WASD 
  • Jump = Space
  • Pick up weapon = E
  • Show stats = Tab
  • Pause menu = P/ Esc

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