Skibidi Blocks

About Skibidi Blocks

Get ready to go on an exciting, fast-paced adventure that will test your quick reactions and ability to think strategically. Skibidi Blocks is a unique block-building game where you have to move quickly to avoid tricky obstacles.

Skibidi Blocks is a game that controls and creates stacks of blocks to help the Skibidi toilet overcome a series of challenges while collecting specially named "Poo" blocks along the way. Since the blocks move forward on their own, you have to carefully plan your jumps and moves so that you don't fall off the screen.

How to play the Skibidi Blocks

- Your stack of blocks will move forward on its own when the game starts. To move it, you have to tap the screen to make the blocks overlap one or more times, based on the challenge.

- As you play through the rounds, you'll find things called "Poo" that you can collect. Your job is to avoid obstacles and collect as much Poo as you can.

- There are moving platforms, spikes, gaps, and other dangers in the game that you have to avoid. You have to use your smart thinking to figure out when and where to jump to get past these obstacles.

- This Skibidi Blocks game has many levels, and each one is harder than the last. To reach the end of each level, your goal is to get past all the hurdles. Let’s play it now!!!

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