Kingdom of Toilets

About Kingdom of Toilets

This mysterious underground Toilet Kingdom is the location to a unique group of toilet robots who all want to be free. They have powerful AI and can make decisions that are hard to understand. They are trapped in this underground tunnel, which is difficult to navigate and is surrounded by poisonous water. The robots need your help to get their rights back.

How to play Kingdom of Toilets

Your job is clear: help the brave cleaning robots get out of this basement prison. There are many dangers on the way, like dangerous waterways and hard tasks, but if you help them, they might have a chance.

Collect gold coins

The toilet robots need to find all the gold coins hidden in the underground country and collect them all. These coins are the key to the gate to freedom. With each coin they find, they'll get closer to their main goal.

The challenge of polluted waters

There is harmful liquid all over this underground jail, which is one of the most dangerous things about it. Robots that clean must be careful not to get unclean as they move.

The freedom gate

The gate is waiting, and it shines with the hope of freedom. But you need to get all of the gold coins before you can use it. You will be the toilet robots' leader as you figure out how to get them to success.

The power of teamwork

This amazing journey shows how important it is to work together and as a team. When you show robots how to work together, they become symbols of strength and drive.

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